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You may know exactly what city or area you want to live. If so thats great, you are way ahead. So lets find your favorite city here and see whats available. If you haven't narrowed it down that much its perfectly OK. For our clients we recommend picking a starting location as well as being open to similar locations. That said when searching for a new home you may find city names which actually contain multiple zip codes.  A zip code could be a small area portion commonly called by the city name you are researching.

Finally this city and zip code search will hopefully help narrow locations you may like to call home.

Myrtle Beach - 29577 : Coastal Area

This zip code is considered the heart of Myrtle Beach. It includes a large portion of the Horry County coastal landscape.

Myrtle Beach - 29572 : Briarcliffe, Dunes, Arcadian

The 29572 area of Myrtle Beach sits on the northeastern point of the city. Including locations of Briarcliffe Acres, The Dunes, and Arcadian sections consequently this area is a favorite for coastal life.

Myrtle Beach - 29579 : Carolina Forest, Forestbrook

This area of Myrtle Beach is situated just slightly inland. Nicely located west of Hwy 17 and the Intracoastal Waterway. Commonly called Carolina Forest it is possibly the most popular location in our local area.

Myrtle Beach - 29588 : Socastee, Forestbrook

This section of Myrtle Beach is commonly referred to as Socastee yet also connects with the Forestbrook area. Socastee and Forestbrook are situated just slightly inland as well as more on the southern end of Myrtle Beach. In addition, very close to the popular Market Commons district.

North Myrtle Beach - 29582

North Myrtle Beach is located along the Atlantic coast north of Myrtle Beach. The city sits close to the popular Barefoot location and extends along the coast towards Little River.

Conway - 29527 : Bucksport

This zip code of Conway stretches along the major Hwy 501 running south toward Murrells Inlet and Georgetown area. Conway is located more inland and is the home of the county seat. Overall Conway is a popular place to live having a wide range of home selections.

Conway - 29526

The 29526 zip code of Conway covers a very large amount of land area. This is mostly between the two major area Hwy's 501 and 22. Covering land running from Hwy 501 north toward the Longs, Little River and North Myrtle Beach locations. This Conway area is possibly the largest local area featuring a wide range of home selections, prices and features.

Myrtle Beach - 29575 : Surfside Beach

While this area by record is a Myrtle Beach address it is commonly known and recognized as Surfside Beach! Located on the south east side of Myrtle Beach; "Surfside" is a classic beach area that many enjoy.

Murrells Inlet - 29576 : Murrells Inlet, Garden City

Murrells Inlet is a coastal location situated from the Ocean inland to the Waccamaw River. The city of Murrells Inlet meets Surfside, follows the coastline south past Huntington State Park at the County Line. This zip code also contains the area commonly called Garden City.

Pawleys Island - 29585 : Pawleys Island, Litchfield

Pawleys Island is located beyond Murrells Inlet right inside Georgetown County. Most commonly recognized for Pawleys Island and Litchfield, it also contains Simpsonville area slightly inland along the Waccamaw River. Pawleys Island is a location many feel is one of the more beautiful in the area. Nestled between Myrtle Beach and Charleston you'll find the variety between range of homes and entertainment options plentiful.

Little River - 29566

Little River is located parallel to North Myrtle Beach along the Intracoastal Waterway. Stretching to the Carolina state line and inland to the Longs area. Little River is commonly know as a "fishing village" area and enjoys numerous water options. These include the intracoastal waterway, various marshes and access points to the Atlantic Ocean along the "Little River" inlet.

Longs - 29568 : Longs, Wampee

Longs covers a higher than average amount of land space. Stretching from the State line to Hwy 22 between Little River and Loris. This is a centralized inland location and has a large variety of housing options. The central location allows for numerous roadway options consequently timely access to the surrounding areas.

Loris - 29569

Loris is located on the northern side of Horry County. The city is surrounded by the state line, Longs, Anyor and Green Sea.  

Anyor - 29511

Aynor is a smaller city located on the Northwest side of Horry County. Located along Hwy 501 with major Hwy access to the Myrtle Beach area. 

Galivants Ferry - 29544

Galivants Ferry is located on the western side of Horry County close to neighboring Marion County. On a map Galivants Ferry wraps around its neighbor Aynor therefore some reference some areas as Aynor. 

Green Sea - 29545

Green Sea is also commonly called Green Sea Floyds. This is a small inland city on the northeast side of Horry County along the state line meeting Loris. 

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